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In a world of information overload it is important to speak with your visitors in a way that best communicates the reasons your products / services are what they need. By applying simple optimizations to your website you can set the tone to convert visitors into customer at a better rate than you currently do now.

The initial connection you make with visitors to your website provides them with the fundamental reasons to stick around and learn more about your business, products, and/or services. There are 3 main areas you should address that help to immediately capture a visitor’s attention and motivate them to move further into the content of your website.

What you want to do is answer 3 questions that most people wonder about a business they are considering buying from. The best way to do so is presenting the answers to the 3 questions within the first 5-7 seconds a visitor lands on your website.

Now don’t think this is some advanced high level tactic, it’s actually very logical and a common sense approach to communicating with your visitors. Before you stress out and think you have been doing something terribly wrong understand that less than 5% of all websites effectively answer these 3 important questions.

What About You?

When a visitors lands on your website they have no idea who you are and what it is that you do. Seems simple but most websites don’t clearly state it and visitors often need to try and figure it out for themselves. Now this process happens naturally and visitors do often figure it out but that process even subliminally starts to introduce anxiety into the user experience. Anxiety is probably the number one factor that motivates a visitor to click the back button on the browser to look for someone else to satisfy their needs.

Can I Give Them My Money?

Trust and credibility is the second question you want to immediately answer when a visitor lands on your website. They want to know that it is ok to spend their time looking around and to be confident that they can trust you to safely and securely handle their personal information they will provide you if they become your customer.

The other part of this question needs to address your credibility; you need to be seen as an expert and authority in the industry you are part of. Are you a fly by night operation that may not be around for much longer or the leaders in your space setting the standard in how to satisfy the needs of customers? You want to include elements that a visitor can quickly and easily see and understand.

Why You?

Finally you want to provide visitors with that compelling reason to stick around and learn more about your business & products/services. This comes by clearly stating your differentiator versus the competition. Being able to answer the question of “If I am your ideal client, why should I buy from you instead of any other option available?” There is usually no shortage of options to choose from in a typical industry so it is important to pique the interest of visitors by stating the compelling reasons upfront and to the point.

Great Now What?

Effective implementation usually means an increase across most metrics associated with conversions. More time on site, more pages viewed, longer time per page all equates to more motivated visitors that are paying closer attention to your offer.

These changes can usually be applied to the header area of your website (recommended location) and does not take a major overhaul of the website to implement. Get it done a.s.a.p. and get your first taste of better results through website optimization. Pretty sure once you experience this it will make it much easier for you to look at other ways to increase the conversions on your website.